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The island of Mafia offers to divers and to non-divers an array of sea and in-land adventures and discoveries. As per our guests’ preferences we organize diving packages, open- sea snorkeling excursions and visits to the neighboring islands. According to the season, we arrange dedicated excursions to swim with the whale-sharks or to witnessing the turtles’ hatching amazing life cycle recurrence. Alone or guided, guests may as well visit the island’s unspoiled beaches, its fishermen villages, stop at the hippo pond and attempt to spot them … Pass by the undisturbed monkeys while stretching through the luxuriant tropical forest on the way to the lighthouse at Mbweni.


KILINDONI: Is the welcoming island’s main town. Small shops, food market and other essential services can be found there. It is 12km distant from our lodge. 

UTENDE: Is the nearest village, within the MARINE PARK where lodges and diving centers are located. Small shops and food mainly for the local residents can be found there. No ATM machines. It is 4km distant from our lodge. 


From June to mid -April, you will enjoy the peaceful pole pole slow-motion life of this unique island. Whale sharks are visiting from October to February whilst turtles hatch from June to September.



 It’s the government agency in charge of protecting and sustaining the marine life, locally and nationwide. Guests are subject to a daily individual fee (fares vary according to nationality/residency & age)


For those who want to add to their story the thrill of a safari to National Parks, MAFIA BLUE WAVES BUNGALOWS is partnering with experienced tour operators at affordable packages. Just ask us!